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My Story

I am a speaker, marketer, graphic designer, writer, and gardener.

I took six months and backpacked across Europe in my 20’s. I was my daughter’s Girl Scout leader during my 30’s. And I jumped out of a plane on her 50th birthday.

I’ve been an Art Director my entire professional career. I’ve worked for ad agencies, higher education, and freelance. My current day job is in healthcare marketing.

A few years ago, as our world seemed to be spinning out of control, I asked myself what could I do to make the world a better place. The answer that came to me was to write a book on what I know…creativity. I truly believe creativity can change the world. I believe that your own life can be filled with joy if you embrace your own creativity. I do believe everyone is creative.

My creative journey led me to write a creative workbook, “Growing Your Creativity, The Live Your Life With Joy Workbook”. I am sharing my expertise leading workshops, facilitating small groups, and giving speaking engagements on creativity because that is my passion.

I live in the same city I was born in, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I graduated with a BA from Louisiana State University. I have one daughter who is all grown up now. I live with my sweetie, and my daughter’s cat, Fancy Nancy, who couldn’t move to Chicago with my daughter because Fancy Nancy loves the garden with its endless lizard supply too much.

I spend my spare time in my garden, thinking up projects for my sweetie to do.

So what makes me special?

My book and my talks are relatable because I’m rather ordinary. I don’t have extreme wealth or fame. I’m not the CEO of a large company. The challenges in my life have not been horrific. I’ve been in the same home for decades and in my job for almost as long.

All in the ordinary range.

So why do my words resonate with others?

Because I understand life in the trenches. I understand the frustrations of how hard it is to live a life with joy because life—even an ordinary life—is hard. Life can wear you down. It can sap the creative spirit right out of you.

But if you nurture your creative roots; if you understand your skills and gifts; if you understand your obstacles; you can learn to see your entire life as creative. And how to take that creativity and make your dreams happen.

Living a creative life is organically and gloriously ordinary.


The Process of Creativity

The creative process allows for imagining, building, and developing something unique and remarkable in response to a problem or challenge. Using creativity in our jobs, in our time off, or even in stretching resources, we may use this process as a means to solve problems as well. Expand your concept of creativity and learn to purposefully and intentionally achieve what you dream.

Embrace the Flaw

What’s stopping you from your dream and before you can even answer that, do you know what your dream is? To fulfill your dream, you have to embrace your obstacle. Know that “flaw”. Own it and plow through it, go around it, or go under it. By embracing your obstacle creatively, you make your dreams happen. This is what I call living a creative life.

Tending Your Creative Roots

Explore a new path to cultivating creativity by identifying your unique gifts and understanding how they are different from your skills. The creative goal is to combine skills and gifts in order to experience the greatest fulfillment in life.

Book Group

Growing Your Creativity Book Group

Growing Your Creativity is a 6-week experiential course based on a workbook with questions and tools that will help you connect deeply with your unique life. Together with the author, explore your creative process, your pivotal moments, your gifts, your strengths, and your biggest dream. Exercises in this workbook on creativity will guide you to live in the present moment and to own the strengths you already have. Learn to view your life creatively and imagine and grow the life you want.


The Process of Creativity Workshop

As adults, we problem solve on a daily basis: at home and at work, for others and for ourselves. It becomes a natural part of what we do, and for the most part, we do it without a thought of what it takes to go through the problem-solving process. We instinctively make a choice and move forward.

Creativity allows for imagining, building, and developing something unique and remarkable in response to a problem or challenge. Using creativity in our jobs, in our time off, or even in stretching resources, we may use it as a means to solve problems as well.

But what if you grow your creativity as a way beyond problem solving and reacting? As a means to create the life you strive for? This interactive and intriguing course will expand your concept of creativity and you will learn to purposefully and intentionally achieve your dreams.

Your Creative Voice Workshop

Get a better understanding of your creative self. This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn how to break through their own barriers with creative ways to problem solve. Your creative identity is uniquely your own. The person you are today is an evolution of your life’s experiences. This hands-on, interactive workshop is designed to explore the pivotal moments that inspire your creative soul. Understanding your story will help you find your unique creative voice and give you clarity and direction for whatever it is you want to accomplish. Joseph Campbell said, “you are the hero of your own story”. The workshop is designed to help you see yourself as your hero.

Events & Awards

Pete Goldsby Award

In 2017, Connie McLeod received the E. A. Pete Goldsby Award is presented each year to the person who has made the greatest overall contribution to the advertising profession in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Dwane Sanborne Creativity Award

Connie McLeod received the Dwayne Sanburn Creativity Award from 10/31 Consotuim for those whose gift of creativity has benefited the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area.

Listen to Your Mother

Listen to Your Mother: New Orleans is one show in a national series of 41 live reading events shared globally and celebrated locally. Connie’s story “Listen to Your Mother” was selected for the show.


We are all born creative. Watch children create castles out of cardboard boxes. But creativity is slowly buried under conformity to business, raising a family and a society that only feels secure when all of our attitudes are seamless. But creativity is still buried in you. It just needs a lever to bring it to the surface, to bring it back to life. Connie McLeod’s new book, “Growing Your Creativity,” could be that lever. It is a workbook about how to reclaim your creativity—step by step. 

I have lived a creative life. I have written books, produced thousands of television commercials, written news, designed furniture, and made my daily life a joy of anticipation. From the time I colored outside the lines in kindergarten until today, I have tried to look at life through fresh eyes—the eyes of a child. Ms. Mcleod’s book encourages me to do more.

Take my advice. This book will not make you creative but it will awaken what is already there. That’s usually enough.

Raymond Strother

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