I’ve created a workshop on how to learn innovation through the creative process. There is a TED video that just didn’t quite fit in to the workshop. But it’s all things I like, it’s funny, quirky, extremely creative and helps me look at the world in a fresh way—I’d love to hang out with the speaker.
If you’re not familiar with TED, you should check it out. It’s filled with videos by experts in their fields. They are often mind-blowing, paradigm shifting talks that never fail to inspire me. I would love to help bring a TED conference to BR someday. I started a Lunch with Ted Tuesdays at my office. (All Ted Talks are under 15 minutes.)
I came across 100 Artists one day when I was looking for inspirations. If you watch it, you’ll get the gist of his talk in a few minutes if you don’t have the time or inclination to watch the whole thing. 
The artist Shae Hembray  talks about a biennale. I didn’t know what this was (an art exhibit that happens every two years). And the next day I was watching TV and there was a story on the most famous biennale in the world in Venice. So of course this is now on my bucket list.
What I like about the video is what I hope I get across in my workshop. To be fearless with your ideas and if something is not right that it’s OK to throw it away and go it a totally new direction. To push yourself and learn that magic often happens in “mistakes.”
I looked up the artist after watching the video and see that he had created a beautiful (and pricey) book of his biennale.  And was then surprised to discover how controversial this work was.
Where I saw fun and creativity and innovation, some saw disrespect and a mocking of “real art.” I then liked it even more, because isn’t art suppose to be something that you talk about and maybe move you out of your comfort zone.  And it inspired me and the creative team I work with and isn’t that what art should do? Unlike his critics, I believe he takes his work seriously—but he doesn’t take himself seriously. That also speaks to me.
I love the backstories he creates for each artist (that are all him). As he describes one artist he says, “It’s good she’s not real because she’d be mad I said that.” I guess she takes herself too seriously.
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