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Connie McLeod

I‘m Connie McLeod and I’m passionate about creativity. I believe when you understand your creativity, your life can be filled with joy. I believe creativity can even change the world. I call myself a Creativity Coach because I help people find creative approaches to their life and work.

I’ve been an Art Director for over 30 years. During my career I’ve worked for ad agencies, higher education, healthcare, and nonprofits. I’m currently leading workshops, facilitating small groups, and giving speaking engagements on creativity. I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and am a graduate of Louisiana State University. I spend my spare time in my garden.

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The Live Your Life With Joy Workbook

Growing Your Creativity

I’ve crafted a book for anyone wanting to break through your barriers with creative ways to live your most joyful life. Your creative identity is organically your own. The person you are today is seeded with your life’s experiences. This book helps you dig deep and examine your own creative roots, so you can ensure that you are giving yourself the nutrients you need to blossom.

A Few Pages From The Book


Where it all started for Connie and a welcome to the garden of creativity.

Our Unique Creative Process

We each have our own unique process for creativity. How we address problems, find solutions and resolve obstacles to achieve a successful conclusions.

Our Story

There are pivotal moments throughout our lives that shape us and move us in directions. What if you were able to watch your character in a play would you see yourself more objectively.


Any tangible results? Yep, there are two. One, I applied for my first writing residency and got accepted! Two, I set January 1st as my goal to turn over my business to my daughter. All is in order for me to step away from a 40-year career (and a paycheck) and head into the scary world of writing.

– Lisa Weldon
- author, (Soon to be published) Underneath New York

Upcoming Event

Introductory Class

Tending Your Creative Roots

The Red Shoes

2303 Government St, • Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Tuesday, March 12 • 6 – 7:30 pm

Facilitated by Connie McLeod

Cost: $5

Your creative life can not thrive if your roots are not healthy. Join us to explore a new path to cultivating creativity by identifying your unique gifts and understanding how they are different from your skills. The creative goal is to combine our skills and gifts in order to experience the greatest fulfillment in life and work.  Learn about an upcoming opportunity beginning March 26 to study with the author of Growing Your Creativity, a step-by-step guide to developing a creative life.

Growing Your Creativity

The Red Shoes

2303 Government St, • Baton Rouge, LA 70806

March 26 – April 30
Tuesday Evenings • 6 Weeks Course
6 – 7:30 pm

Facilitated by Connie McLeod

Cost: $75
(includes $24.95 workbook)

Growing Your Creativity is a 6-week experiential course based on an inspiring workbook with questions and tools that will help you connect deeply with your unique life. Together with the author, explore your creative process, your pivotal moments, your gifts, your strengths, and your biggest dream. Exercises in this newly published text on creativity will guide you to live in the present moment and to own the strengths you already have. Learn to view your life creatively and imagine and grow the life you want.

Available NOW

Growing Your Creativity

Growing Your Creativity will be available for Christmas. Pre-order the book starting October 6, 2018 and the Workbook will start shipping December 1. The Workbook is $29.95 and the e-Workbook (PDF) will be coming soon. Shipping is FREE.

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Connie McLeod